The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859

Archive for October, 1857

October 21st, 1857 by Mary Ann

Wednesday 21st October 1857

Nothing occured worth noting.

October 20th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Tuesday 20th October 1857

Mother and I went to Newport. In the evening Julia and I went to chapel. Mr Pollard took his text from the 30th chapter of Job, 2 verse, it was an excellent sermon.

October 19th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Monday 19th October 1957

In the evening Mr. George Cooper and Josiah called in.

October 18th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Sunday 18th October 1857

Much better. In the afternoon Julia and I went to church, Mr. Groundsel was clerk. Mr G.C. drank tea with us.

October 17th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Saturday 17th october 1857

Rather calmer.

October 16th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Friday 16th October 1857

Still stormy.

October 15th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Thursday 15th October 1857

Very stormy indeed in doors. In the evening Julia and I went with Mr.G.C. to the Theatre at Newport, the performance commenced with the popular comedy of “All That Glitters is not Gold” and concluded with the laughable farce of “His last legs” , there was also singing and dancing, we were very much pleased […]

October 13th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Tuesday 13th October 1857

Mr G.C. repaired the east house. In the evening we had a game of cribbage.

October 11th, 1857 by Mary Ann

sunday 11th October 1857

In the afternoon Julia went to church, I did a little drawing. Mr.G.C. drank tea with us. In the evening we went to Chapel.

October 7th, 1857 by Mary Ann

Wednesday 7th October 1857

General Humiliation and fast day for the Indian Mutiny. I went to church in the morning and afternoon.