The Diary of Mary Ann Denham

Wootton Bridge 1857 -1859
January 13th, 1859

Thursday 13th January 1859

A teaparty at Wootton Wesleyan Chapel.  Miss C Healey went to London.

October 7th, 1858

Thursday 7th October 1858

Mr. Hearn called to see Grandma. I went to Wootton Post Office.

July 3rd, 1858

Saturday 3rd July 1858

I went to Newport. In the evening as I was gardening who should walk out but Mother she arrived here about ½ past 7 o’clock. She was looking very well indeed much better than when she was at Wootton.

June 13th, 1858

Sunday 13th June 1858

Mr. A. Cooper and family spent the day at Wootton. I went to Wootton Church. In the evening Julia went to Newport arrived home by 9 o’clock.

January 4th, 1858

Monday 4th January 1858

Barnabas Linnington was buried at Wootton today –

October 4th, 1857

Sunday 4th October 1857

Poor old man Barkham was buried at Arreton, 92 years of age, Mr. George Cooper was undertaker.

In the evening Mr.G.C. and Mrs. Cooper called to see us. We heard Mr. A. Cooper and Mrs Cooper pass by on their return home to Rookley, after spending a day at Wootton.

May 10th, 1857

Sunday 10th May 1857

Mr George Coopers birthday, I went to church Mr Scot has preached at Wootton 2 years today. In 1856 the sacrament was administrated 6 times. There was 190 communicants this year, it was administrated 8 times and 226 communicants . Mr Scots text was from the 16th verse of the second chapter of Corinthians “Who is sufficient for these things”.

In the afternoon drank tea at Balams Farm, after tea Mrs Alford, Miss Alford, Nora and I went for a long walk, we called on Mrs H. Williams. I arrived home about quarter to 9 o’clock. Julia had gone part of the way home with Cousin William.

April 10th, 1857

Wednesday 1st April 1857

Mr.W.Lowe left Wootton, Miss Alford drank tea with us.

January 1st, 1857

Thursday 1st January 1857

Grandma rather better today.

I went to Wootton church, Mr. Maddoc preached from the 1st Ghapter and 7th verse.